pioner hire boat on lake

Pioner hire boats

from £20
for up to 6 people

Pioner for fun and fishing – a perfect summer’s day

Grab your fishing gear or a coffee for a lazy day on the lake 

Ideally suited to those looking to fish on Windermere, these totally open Pioner boats allow a rod to be passed around the boat without snagging. They’re also popular with small parties as the open-air ambiance can make you feel closer to the lake.

The Pioner is powered by a small petrol outboard motor that’s steered and controlled from a central console. 


All boats are hired by the hour.
The hourly price includes the first 2 adults, and any children under 11 years go free.
The hourly price then increases by £6 per additional person over 11 years.
A security deposit is taken when you book-in to your boat.

Booking is only available on-line, should you have any queries please ring our direct number 07957 86 22 77

Pioner – £20 per hour

Booking: The maximum number of 6 guests includes everyone on board, including small babies. All customers need to arrive 15 minutes before your booking time to ensure an on-time departure. It is the hirer’s responsibility to return on time at the end of your booking (or earlier if the boat will need cleaning), as any late returns incur extra charges and may result in the next group being delayed for their use of the boat.

Read more about Boat Handling, Safety and our Terms & Conditions, which you agree to by hiring the boat, and are published here in this website and displayed at the booking Booth and in Boat Booklets supplied with the boats.

 pioneer hire boat moored up
people enjoying pioneer hire boat
smiling people enjoying pioneer hire boat
inside view of pioner hire boat
man sailing pioner hire boat