Discover the best boat hire experience on Lake Windermere

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Cruising around Windermere, England’s largest natural lake, with the sun on your face is the ultimate Lake District experience

Our fleet of easy to drive electric hire boats are available by the hour and accommodate up to 10 people. Booking is only through our website which will secure the date, time and right boat for you, then simply arrive 15 minutes before your departure time to book-in and receive your safety instructions.

You’ll soon appreciate just how quiet our eco-friendly electric boats are, allowing you to relax to the sound of the water on Lake Windermere as you cruise around with over 5 square miles to explore.

Depending on the time of year and volume of business it may be possible to add any special requirements to your boat rental, we’re happy to organise a surprise. So just get in touch to see what we can arrange for you.

Discover more about our boats, and the finer points of boating on Windermere on our Information pages.

Booking is only available on-line. See our Frequently Asked Questions which we hope will answer your queries. Should you have any further queries please ring our direct number 07957 86 22 77 or contact us.

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Pioner boat hire

Grab your fishing gear or a coffee for a lazy day on the lake
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Hop aboard and enjoy a fun day out on the lake with your family and friends
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Pink Fantail boat hire

Our custom-built Fantail boat is finished in Pink and helps support Breast Cancer awareness
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Fantail boat hire

Looking for something luxurious? These are our newest boats, specially imported to give you the ultimate lake experience.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we take a dog onboard the boat?

Yes, well behaved dogs are welcome.

Can we take a Baby onboard?

Yes, it will be included in the number of people onboard.

Do you charge for children?

Children under 11 years (primary school) are Free, over 11 are charged as adults.

How many people are allowed on a boat?

The total number of people allowed is shown on the website for each boat this includes all children and babies.

Am I allowed to stay out longer than the booked time?

No, the times booked must be very strictly observed, if you are late returning then the next hires for the day are all delayed.

Do we receive any training?

Full training for the boat operation and orientation on the Lake is given, for this reason you should arrive punctually so as not to over reduce your time in the boat.

Can we book when we arrive?

All bookings are done on-line, this enables you to see all the boat types, availability each day and hire charges.

Where do we go to get the boat?

The boat office is located on the lake side of Glebe Road behind the Ship Inn next to the Boardwalk Grill.

Can we swim off the boat?

No, for safety reasons we do not allow swimming or getting close to a shore.

What happens if I arrive late to pick up the boat?

You may well lose your booking completely, we cannot delay all bookings for the day for that boat because you are late.

What happens if the weather is bad?

If the weather would produce unsafe sailing conditions, we will cancel the use of the boats and a full refund will be given.

What happens if there is an emergency?

An emergency phone number is posted in the boat, when we are alerted a rescue boat will come to you.

Do we need lifejackets?

A buoyancy aid is available for all persons on the boat, collect what you require when you arrive.

Can we take food onboard?

Yes, if you remove all rubbish at the end of the hire.

Do we get the deposit returned?

Yes, if all safety instructions are adhered to, the boat is returned on time and in good condition, it’s important to please read our Terms & Conditions.

Can we park locally?

Our Booking Booth is directly opposite the “Glebe Road” car park, the “Braithwaite Fold” one is a little further around the road, say 3 minutes’ walk. You should be aware there is great pressure on the car parks use during public holidays and you should plan to allow time to secure parking.

Do you have disabled access?

Wheelchairs can easily gain access to our floating pontoons and get alongside the boats, but to board the person would have to be lifted, you would have to judge whether this is practical for you.

Safety Information

Safety Instructions

To keep you safe on Lake Windermere, one person in your group will be the designated Captain and they’ll be held responsible for ensuring safety when your party is onboard.

These Safety Instructions form part of the Boat Hire Permit, failure to adhere to them will lead to the loss of deposit. Windermere Quays reserves the right to refuse hire of vessels at our sole discretion and without explanation.



  • Keep an all-round lookout for approaching dangers, especially from behind.
  • Should you approach another boat head-on then the correct procedure is to pass to the right. But at all times common sense must prevail, just look at the situation and do what’s obviously the safest, while being aware of the DANGER of shallow areas.
  • Rocks and shallows are marked by either a line or circle of RED BUOYS.
  • Red buoys near the shoreline mean it is shallow between the RED BUOYS and shore.
  • Staff will help you on and off your boat – please wait for their assistance.
  • Stay outside all the red buoys, and a minimum of 100 metres (328 feet) away from all of the islands and shores.
  • Remain seated at all times and spread the seating positions to keep the boat level.
  • Keep all parts of your body inside the boat at all times to avoid injury especially when leaving and returning to the jetties.
  • On return, wait for a member of staff to become available to assist you to berth. They will use clear hand signals to help you and if necessary, you can use reversing action as a brake.
  • Treat the Car Ferry, which is approximately one mile south of our Marina, with extreme caution. Do not try to pass in front of it and stay at least 30 metres (100 feet) away at all times.


  • Swim from the boat.
  • Climb out of the seated area of the boat onto the deck.
  • Tamper with the safety equipment.
  • Tamper with the engine or other mechanical equipment.
  • Smoke or drink alcohol on the boat.
  • Throw items from the boat.
  • Deliberately rock or use the boat to make it unstable.
  • Allow anyone under 16 years to drive the boat without adult supervision.


  • If head on with another vessel pass it to the right, the opposite to the British highway.
  • Give way to sailing boats by turning to go behind them if your paths come together.
  • Stay out of the way of large passenger vessels, do not try to pass in front, they’re travelling much faster than you and have right of way, turn to pass behind.


  • Please ensure you remove all personal belongings.
  • Please remove any rubbish and dispose in the bins provided.

Boat Handling… Nothing could be easier

When you first get into the boat our dock operator will instruct you on the use of the controls and on the safe use of the lake, avoiding the shallow areas, RED BUOYS and shore fringes. Boat handling is easy to get to grips with, but feel free to ask any questions you have.

Here’s a heads up on what you’ll need to know

The quiet electric motor is switched on by a key or magnetic switch and travel is controlled by a simple joystick giving forward and reverse. Direction is easily controlled by a steering wheel, which works like the one in your car.

To slow the boat down as you approach the dock ease the joystick back towards the centre position. If necessary, ultimate braking is done by moving the joystick into reverse. This will stop the boats forward movement – but remember not to leave it in reverse as you will start to go backwards. Short impulses of the joystick are best.

Do not try to touch the dock with the boat. Instead aim to bring it parallel to the dock about a metre away where our dock operator will attach a boat hook and bring it safely to rest. Please wait until the dock operator has attached the ropes and gives you permission to step ashore before trying to get off. Make sure everyone, especially the children, keep their hands safely inside the boat. Please do not try to hold onto the dock.

Other advice

The yellow buoys mark the channels the large steamers travel in if you get in their way you can expect a loud blast from their horn, just to let you know.

The white buoys you will see are mooring points for boats and are mostly used during the summer.

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  1. Binding Conditions
    Please read these terms and conditions with care. The Hirer is signing a legally binding contract and is agreeing to be the responsible person on the boat.
  2. Company’s Right to Decline Hire
    Windermere Aquatic reserve the right to decline hire to anyone who appears to be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other substances, or that by their actions would, in their sole judgement or opinion, constitute a risk to themselves or other lake users.
  3. Hire Charges and Security Deposit
    Hire charges vary with the type of boat, late returns will be treated as a full hour’s rental. In addition, a refundable security deposit will be taken and only returned if the Hirer has, in the sole opinion of Windermere Aquatic, met the full terms of this agreement.
  4. Early Termination of Hire
    In the event that a Hirer returns a full hour or hours early due to unforeseen circumstances, then a refund for that hour or hours will be given along with the return of the security deposit. Should Windermere Aquatic deem it necessary to terminate the hire for any reason relating to conduct of the Hirer or passengers then a refund will not be given and the security deposit retained.
  5. Period of Hire
    The period of hire will be determined prior to embarkation. Boats are hired on an hourly basis and can be hired for a maximum as arranged when booking online. Should the Hirer wish to extend their hire, which will not be possible at busy periods, they must phone Windermere Aquatic and agree a new return time
    on 07957 86 22 77.
  6. Use of Craft and Cruising Area
    The Hirer shall use the vessel solely for pleasure and recreational purposes. Under no circumstances shall the Hirer use the vessel as a ferry, beach it on the lake shore or island’s or conduct a race between vessels. Suitable pets or animals are permitted aboard at the discretion of the Handover staff. The Hirer shall restrict the cruising area of the vessel to the area discussed on embarkation. The maximum cruising area includes all the navigable waters of the Lake able to be reached in the time period of the hire.
  7. Incidents/Accidents
    In the event of an incident phone the posted number on the console immediately and inform our staff. Should the boat be damaged, we will immediately retain the deposit but there may be additional charges depending on the extent of the damage as below in 11.
  8. Late Return
    Should the Hirer return the boat late, you will be charged for an additional hour, or hours; the deposit will be retained to form part of this additional payment.
  9. Hirer Passengers and Property
    The Hirer is responsible for the conduct and safety of all passengers on board including their continual use of buoyancy aids. Windermere Aquatic accepts no responsibility for any personal items taken aboard. The Hirer is responsible for ensuring that all personal items and rubbish are removed when leaving the vessel and that no items are thrown overboard during the hire.
  10. Conduct of Passengers
    The Hirer shall ensure that all passengers behave appropriately. Passengers must remain seated at all times and make no attempt to get onto the deck or enter the working spaces of the boat. All body parts must be kept inside the vessel at all times especially when leaving and returning to the jetty. No persons on-board shall smoke, drink alcoholic beverages or use any other illegal substances.
  11. Limitations of Companies Liability
    Windermere Quays shall insure the vessel against all standard risks relating to a vessel of her size and type. Anything underneath the waterline e.g. propeller, is not covered by this insurance and should any damage be sustained, either through negligence of the Hirer or violation of the safety instructions, the Hirer shall be liable.
  12. Cancellations
    If the Hirer cancels an on-line booking 4 calendar days before the hire a full hire charge shall be returned, at any period less than this only 50% shall be refunded, should the cancellation be on the day of hire then all money’s will be retained. The only exception to this is if Aquatic Windermere initiates the cancelation due to weather or boat availability, etc. then a full fee is returned.
  13. Acceptance
    The Hirer has checked the agreed box when booking the boat thereby agreeing to abide by the Terms and Conditions stated above and to adhere to the Safety Instructions delivered in written and verbal format.

Refund Policy

We will endeavour to refund your booking for weather-related circumstances or if for any other reason we are unable to make a boat available. We cannot guarantee to refund you if you are late on arrival and miss your trip. If you are seeking a refund please get in touch so we can help.

Our location

Lake Windermere Hire Boats
Aquatic - Windermere Quays,
Glebe Road,
Bowness-on-Windermere, Cumbria,
United Kingdom
LA23 3HE
Call: 07957 86 22 77

is opposite The Glebe public car park,
between Driftwood Gift Shop and The Ship.

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If the Booking Office is closed, please go to the Hire Boat Jetty. Down the ramp, then right along the Quay - the jetty is on your left before the Boardwalk Bar & Grill.

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