floatation aid and life jacket

Boat hire frequently asked questions…

Q. Can we take a dog onboard the boat?
A. Yes, well behaved dogs are welcome.

Q. Can we take a Baby onboard?
A. Yes, it will be included in the number of people onboard.

Q. Do you charge for children?
A. Children under 11 years (primary school) are Free, over 11 are charged as adults.

Q. how many people are allowed on a boat?
A. The total number of people allowed is shown on the website for each boat this includes all children and babies.

Q. Am I allowed to stay out longer than the booked time?
A. No, the times booked must be very strictly observed, if you are late returning then the next hires for the day are all delayed.

Q. Do we receive any training?
A. Full training for the boat operation and orientation on the Lake is given, for this reason you should arrive punctually so as not to over reduce your time in the boat.

Q. Can we book when we arrive?
A. All bookings are done on-line, this enables you to see all the boat types, availability each day and hire charges.

Q. Where do we go to get the boat?
A. The boat office is located on the lake side of Glebe Road behind the Ship Inn next to the Boardwalk Grill.

Q. Can we swim off the boat?
A. No, for safety reasons we do not allow swimming or getting close to a shore.

Q. What happens if I arrive late to pick up the boat?
A. You may well lose your booking completely, we cannot delay all bookings for the day for that boat because you are late.

Q. What happens if the weather is bad?
A. If the weather would produce unsafe sailing conditions, we will cancel the use of the boats and a full refund will be given.

Q. What happens if there is an emergency?
A. An emergency phone number is posted in the boat, when we are alerted a rescue boat will come to you.

Q. Do we need lifejackets?
A. A buoyancy aid is available for all persons on the boat, collect what you require when you arrive.

Q. Can we take food onboard?

A. Yes, if you remove all rubbish at the end of the hire.

Q. Do we get the deposit returned?
A. Yes, if all safety instructions are adhered to, the boat is returned on time and in good condition, it’s important to please read our Terms & Conditions.

Q. Can we park locally?
A. Our Booking Booth is directly opposite the “Glebe Road”

car park, the “Braithwaite Fold” one is a little further around
the road, say 3 minutes’ walk. You should be aware there is
great pressure on the car parks use during public holidays
and you should plan to allow time to secure parking.

Q. Do you have disabled access?
A. Wheelchairs can easily gain access to our floating pontoons and get alongside the boats, but to board the person would have to be lifted, you would have to judge whether this is practical

for you.