Boat Handling

Handling your hire boat

Boat Handling… Nothing could be easier

When you first get into the boat our dock operator will instruct you on the use of the controls and on the safe use of the lake, avoiding the shallow areas, RED BUOYS and shore fringes. Boat handling is easy to get to grips with, but feel free to ask any questions you have.

Here’s a heads up on what you’ll need to know

The quiet electric motor is switched on by a key or magnetic switch and travel is controlled by a simple joystick giving forward and reverse. Direction is easily controlled by a steering wheel, which works like the one in your car.  

To slow the boat down as you approach the dock ease the joystick back towards the centre position. If necessary, ultimate braking is done by moving the joystick into reverse. This will stop the boats forward movement – but remember not to leave it in reverse as you will start to go backwards. Short impulses of the joystick are best.

Do not try to touch the dock with the boat. Instead aim to bring it parallel to the dock about a metre away where our dock operator will attach a boat hook and bring it safely to rest. Please wait until the dock operator has attached the ropes and gives you permission to step ashore before trying to get off. Make sure everyone, especially the children, keep their hands safely inside the boat. Please do not try to hold onto the dock.

Other advice

The yellow buoys mark the channels the large steamers travel in if you get in their way you can expect a loud blast from their horn, just to let you know.

The white buoys you will see are mooring points for boats and are mostly used during the summer.